BYOD a.k.a Bring Your Own Device, sounds rather self explanatory. Right?

With this article to be released, I am going to deliver my insane arguments against the current theorem in wild and introduce, potentially, a way (“model”) to dismantle discussion around BYOD.

So no tools, no add-on software, no DLP etc. here folks.

Unfortunately the whole thing, having all the fruits (mine, company’s, crowd) in same basked makes things go dramatically wrong. Whatever vendors promise YOU, its going wrong, will be expensive and create a un-paralleld information security management paradigm in which You do not want to be involved within. There is NO WAY that requirements even with basic controls for safety can be implemented with any of the BYOD concepts in wild.

So back to basics, like with Desktop Security is going to happen – have we NOT learned anything yet?

I honestly believe that the whole BYOD – phenomenon, if you will,  is unnecessary discussion based on unwillingness to create secure operating environments and judged by software companies.

Counteracting it towards the required state of privacy, operational security within organizations and fluid information manageability requires amount of industry pushups to move on. Not too much, but willing to take a part at least.

Someone is going to do it anyway in not so long run.

So – like said, article to be released. But not YET today, requires work still. Sorry folks!


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