I recently posted a comment on Infosec Island article written by Don Eijndhoven about Social Media as Cyber Warfare Gamechanger. The full article can be found here: Social-Media-as-a-Cyber-Warfare-Gamechanger

Information Warfare is not a new invention

Using social media as tool for information warfare is not a new idea or not even less little utilized. So on that angle, I believe utilizing such capabilities and that being efficient, it allows even more directed approaches to be created while diversity of resources in various areas can be called upon with quite little amount of workload. However, in context of this article, I did not find how in directly ‘SOME’ could be used as cyber warfare game changer, though a important tool in information superiority in selected battlefield, yes.

Then its a different thing how it is accomplished. Maybe with a narrow scope it could be well possible.

However, it (“the SOME”) does not fit too well in ‘cyberwar’ directly without influence against critical infrastructure, whereas a some of the services withing emergency scope could be counted – loosely at least. To fit in, something should be either compromized or destroyed, in kinetic world, in major information asset or make impossible to ‘administer’ country.


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