The full article can be found at why-us-worried-era-cyberwar-220200969

Actually, I believe U.S is no different than any other nation-state which has well connected society with technologically highly integrated and coupled environments and organizations, administrative governance over critical infrastructure and so on.

With first thought that would be the appropriate course of action to maintain sufficient defence over cyber threats, but like in guerrilla tactics, while there is order bring the chaos. It is extremely hard to confine and develop tactics against enemy whom is not playing as the doctrine requests..

What in context makes U.S, say “vulnerable” is the economy of mass and yes, U.S has its history. Great posture shows up as great threat. Still, influencing to for example power grid is no different than within any other, developed independent state.

Creating non-kinetic, cyber counterattack would require tactics, techniques and procedures as they exists in kinetic world. Those may be in place already. Doctrine is building up with cyber, but U.S has already long hisotry with unconventional weapons and tactics, so it would’nt not require so much variation.

The main issues with cyber within the context of countering attacks is time and speed. The option of anykind in cyber world requires vast amount of intelligence and background information to be successfull and delivering such capability within adversary territory is not hasty mans maneuver. If the preparations for offence has not already started, it is extremely hard to push them up instantly. Intelligence organizations may have already selected their most obvious targets.


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