This document defines a concept of operations for cyber warfare in targeting, accessing and running operations within allocated information space. Maneuvering offensive operations in suchan information space requires a framework to handle operational tasks such as target recognition, payload delivery and execution. The context of this document is heavily focused on sub-offensive maneuvering and elements needed to carry this capability.

The joint requirements such as planning and tasking with other inter-operable dimensions make things very difficult without such a framework approach. In the worst case each of the elements is being handled in un-coordinated manner, rendering effects of potential capabilities low and simultaneously possessing a threat for manipulating organizations.

Based on the understanding shown, offensive cyber warfare operates quite differently compared to its kinetic counterparts. It creates its own operational theory and models not directly aligned with others. However, the need for tactical interoperability is obvious but quite controversial. Offensive capabilities in the larger context up to a specific mission area for other domains and disciplines. This breaks the uniform model.
Please note that this is excerpt from larger study related to maneuvering and tactics in cyber warfare. It focuses only on elements that can be found in offensive capabilities.


Cyber warfare, tactics, maneuvering, intel, deployment, framework, @mikk0j
Changes (5th of Nov, 2013)

Information Space non zero-dimension
Air gaps
Persistence of payload and related functions.
Intel maneuvering in cyber warfare focused, new diagram.


Version dated 19th of September 2013 found here: The Elements of Offensive Cyber Warfare Operations (OLD)

Version dated 5th of November 2013 can be found here: The Elements of Offensive Cyber Warfare Operations (NEW)


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